Our Future

Data is driving many key decisions across society and our ability to use it effectively within livestock breeding and production is rapidly accelerating.

Agricultural benchmarking is showing dual-purpose sheep are still delivering some of the highest returns per hectare across Australia. Demand for ethically produced wool and meat is escalating and having an impact across our pricing grids.

Pooginook’s strategy is to deliver you a high-performance animal, proven and ready to go to work in your environment. Combining our scale, extensive data and know how, Pooginook redefines the potential to deliver more lambs and elite wools end-customers are demanding.

Pooginook's Commitment

With consumer demands continuously driving for better welfare standards, Pooginook is committed to breeding a sheep that requires no modification to the breech. In 2020 we made the decision to move the Poll Stud to no breech modification. In 2021 we have moved the Horn Stud this way.

Breeding Objectives

We will continue to combine visuals and ASBVs to breed a dual-purpose Merino that is profitable, ethically raised and can handle multiple climates.

We believe our breeding objectives below are going to achieve optimal commercial performance and ensure Pooginook and our clients are in-line with consumer demands. 


To breed easy doing ewes that deliver high weaning percentages and weaning weights, whilst optimising wool production and adult body weight.


To provide options for clients to turn off more lambs earlier and join ewe lambs.


To breed robust fly strike resilient animals that require no breech modification.


To minmise increasing adult body weight by balancing carcass traits with fast early growth. To breed animals that are easier care, lower maintenance and finish quickly.

Elite Wools

To maintain our existing lifetime production of high-quality wool that can handle varied climates.



- Wool follicle density science
- Eating quality
- Footrot resistance
- WEC through DNA genomics testing
- Dag scoring


- Real time data on pastures
- Jivet programs
- Embryo transfer