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Our Story


19,656 ha


383mm / year



Paraway Pastoral Company purchased Pooginook in 2007, with the commitment to breed a profitable Merino. Pooginook Merino and Poll Stud is one of Australia’s largest and most innovative producers of mules free, advanced, highly productive, dual-purpose Merinos, backed by 80 years of breeding experience and data. Based in the NSW Riverina, the 20,000-hectare property runs 6,000 stud ewes, and produces over 3,500 rams annually.

At Pooginook we recognise the importance of operating a sustainable and ethical system in which both visual and ASBV classing is used to breed mules free dual-purpose Merinos. In recent years we have invested more in genomics than anyone else in the Australian sheep industry, making Pooginook the largest collector of sheep DNA genomics across the country. This investment has provided us with the data for full pedigree and improved ASBV accuracy, meaning customers can make a more informed choice on true-to-type sheep than anywhere else.

The sheer size of the Pooginook operation also brings significant benefits to our customers, with our rams able to thrive in climates across Australia. Over 250,000 ewes are annually joined to our rams, while at Pooginook alone over 3,500 rams are produced every year under paddock conditions. All of this adds up to huge selection pressure to increase the speed of genetic gain and achieve our core breeding objectives faster. Underpinning Pooginook’s breeding direction is a requirement for sustainably and ethically produced wool and meat. To learn more about how we do things, and start – or continue - your journey with Pooginook, get in contact with us today.

Our History