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Let's breed a profitable, resilient Merino business together.

John Sutherland, with 40 years of sheep breeding experience, is Pooginook's new Genetics and Sales Manager. He's developed our Poll Stud, implemented ASBVs, introduced sheep DNA genomics, and led the Stud to mules-free production. John's role specialises in supporting producers in achieving their genetic goals, contributing to their success in Merinos.

As part of the value of buying Pooginook rams, John works directly with clients utilising the latest technologies and strategies to customise breeding plans for profitability in their environment. Partner with us today to build a successful and resilient future in the Merino industry. 


We help our clients establish and review their breeding objectives. This is done inconjuction with key decision makers such as their sheep classer. We focus on the following:

  • Establish key product specifications needed for each target market (i.e. wool, meat, restocker)
  • Determine the important genetic traits needed to influence profit drivers
  • Develop production targets that suit market specification, climatic conditions and farm management
  • Design 1 and 5 year breeding objectives that aim to achieve production targets


We offer a complimentary service to grade our clients' Merino ewe flocks, which involves grouping the ewes based on how they fit the breeding objectives. This process is highly recommended when making large strategic changes in the flock, such as moving to mules free. We work with classers and others vital to this process. 


We believe annually classing the hogget ewes and ram battery is important to ensure the flock is moving towards breeding objectives. We offer a complementary advisory service to support the classing process where required. Additionally we can manage and update the ram battery in the RamSelect application. 


Understanding and interpreting a ram sale catalogue with several ASBVs can be overwhelming for anyone. In the  month leading up to the sale, we provide assistance  to help our clients  analyse this information and filter through the catalouge based on suitability of the rams. This analysis helps develop a short list of rams that suit the client's breeding objectives.  Cutting down the amount of rams needed for the client to review visually simplifies the buying process.