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2022 Auction Ram Sale


Tuesday 20th September 2022





Auction Rams


Pooginook Semen Marketing Policy 

All Pooginook rams are sold under the condition that 100% of the semen marketing rights are retained by Paraway Pastoral Company Limited.

If you purchase a Pooginook Ram: 

  1. The purchaser/s must be nominated at the point of sale. 
  2. You can use semen by the ram for your own flock requirements. 
  3. Under this selling agreement you are not permitted to market semen from the ram. 
  4. Semen marketing rights can be negotiated with Paraway Pastoral Company Limited. 
  5. If the ram is re-sold the purchaser must be made aware that the semen marketing rights are retained by Paraway Pastoral Company Limited.

Auction Selling Agent

Nutrien Finley and Elders. Pooginook rams are sold exclusive of GST.

Auction Registration

All prospective buyers must register by 11am on the sale day. Outside agents are welcome and must register prospective buyers by 11am on the sale day to gain a rebate.


Sheep sold on the day must be taken from Pooginook by Monday 3 October 2022. All care will be taken of the rams, however responsibility for loss or injury will be borne by the vendor from the fall of the hammer. We recommend Livestock Insurance for all rams.

Health Status

Pooginook is a Brucellosis Accredited Free Flock and has Nationally Accredited Johnes Disease Market Assurance Status MN3. The Pooginook Stud Flock has Owner–declared footrot free status.